Southwest Intertie Project

Overland Transmission LINE

The Overland Transmission Line is an above-ground 560 mile AC or DC transmission project between southern Idaho and eastern Wyoming that is being developed by Jade Energy Associates, LLC (“JEA”).  JEA is an affiliate of Great Basin Transmission, LLC and the LS Power Group.

 JEA is pursuing the Overland Transmission Line as a complimentary transmission project to the SWIP that will directly connect to high capacity factor wind generation in eastern Wyoming and transport the energy to the SWIP’s northern terminus.  The Overland Transmission Line combined with the SWIP will provide Wyoming wind resources with direct access to load centers and liquid energy markets in the Desert Southwest.  The two projects will provide transmission access to some of the best wind, geothermal, and solar resources in the West and will take advantage of the diversity from these resources. 

The Overland Transmission Line route shown on this diagram is for illustrative purposes only
and may not depict the actual route that could eventually be selected.


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